Practice for Osteopathie

in Wageningen

terugwinnen van zelfhersteld vermogen en aanspreken van je vitaliteit


A good life is one in which you can move the way you want to. Sometimes you experience (physical) problems that prevent you from living that kind of life. Here, osteopathy can help: it directly effects physical structures and will – literally – touch you in different ways. Check out how osteopathy might work for you. We offer a dimension not found anywhere else!

Behind InnRchi

Roland Vreeling osteopaat

The man behind InnRchi is Ronald Vreeling (1972). I have been registered as an osteopath with the Vereniging voor Natuurgeneeskundig Therapeuten (VNT) since June 2010, after completing my studies at the College Sutherland in Amsterdam. Before that, I completed the CALO in Zwolle and was active as a phys. ed. teacher for several years.

Does it work for me?

If you're unfamiliar with ostepathy, i invite you to visit me, one hour of experience is more than thousand words on a website. You can book an appointment directly with the button below.
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